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G Protein Activation Assay Kits


G Protein Activation Assay Kits

NewEast Biosciences Activation Assay Kit is based on the configuration-specific monoclonal antibody that specifically recognizes GTP-bound G protein, but not GDP-bound one, and a specific rabbit polyclonal antibody for the G protein. Given the high affinity of monoclonal antibodies to their antigens, the activation assay could be performed in a short time. This assay provides the reliable results with consistent reproducibility. Here is the List of Activation Assay Kits available from our company:

Name Catalog Number Specifications Price Manual Download
Gαs Activation Assay Kit 80801 20 Assays $737.00
Gαo Activation Assay Kit 80901 20 Assays $737.00
Gαi Activation Assay Kit 80301 20 Assays $737.00
Gα13 Activation Assay Kit 80401 20 Assays $737.00
Arl3 Activation Assay Kit 83001 20 Assays $737.00
Arl1 Activation Assay Kit 82901 20 Assays $737.00
Rac Activation Assay Kit 80501 20 Assays $737.00